Charlotta Enduro Extreme – June 24-25th, 2017

Unique motorcycle race hard enduro is run in the unique scenery of the Baltic Sea beaches , the harbor town of Ustka and forests surrounding the famous Valley of Charlotte near Slupsk. The competition will consist of two parts. The first day of competition is an extreme enduro race on the artificially prepared track located in the port city of Ustka. This prologue would be like the one known from the "Red Bull Romaniacs". Players will have to deal with an extremely difficult track and a big port stone breakwater, like in episode "Carls Diner" - Erzberg, breakwater section only for Class "PRO" will also be a long stretch routed along the beach. The length of the route is 4 km. Players then move to 8 km away "Charlotta Valley". The second day of competition will begin with "Enduro Sprint" racing consisting of the fastest driving one lap, each participant will take two races of this type. Motorcyclists on the road will have a lot of very difficult obstacles among other things, enormous tires of road machines, drive over the car wrecks, as well as countless tree trunks of up to 1 meter in diameter. The length of the route is 12 km. For a group of amateurs we prepared alternative routes to bypass the most difficult obstacles by sections of longer time. The final competition will be a great three-hour "Charlotta Extreme" race, run on the same route as the previous enduro sprints. The start of the race will take place in groups of fifty players. In total, we expect 300 participants, this is also the maximum limit of places in the competition.

We have prepared financial rewards for the winners of each class.


1st place – 1500 EUR
2nd place – 1000 EUR
3rd place – 500 EUR

1st place – 2000 PLN
2nd place – 1000 PLN
3rd place – 500 PLN

1st place – 1500 PLN
2nd place – 1000 PLN
3rd place – 500 PLN

Registration of riders can only be made electronically through the website - charlotta-extreme.com . Registration will begin May 15, 2017, will end on June 15, or when the limit of the 300 places is over.

The cost of participation - is 260 PLN (class license) or 290 PLN (amateur - insurance included) or - 70 Euros - Foreign players.

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