Regulations of motorcycle competition.
Charlotta Enduro Extreme – June 24-25th, 2017

1. Range of the contest
Regional contest, is played with a permission of Polish Motorcycle Association. Clubs as well as participants are obliged to follow the regulations of the Polish Motorcycle Association.
 – Technical regulations
 – Environmental regulations
 – Medical regulations
As well as:
 – Charlotta Enduro Extreme regulations
 – Charlotta Enduro Extreme supplementary regulations.
All issues not regulated by this document are regulated by Country Cross regulations ( available on website www.pzm.pl in the tab regulations )
2. Categories
The contest will be divided into the following categories: amateurs, professionals ( PRO ) and masters above 40 years old.
– PRO – licensed participants – licences A or B Motocross, Enduro, Trial. Any age and vehicle.
– Amateur - non-associated members, who do not have a license (minimum age - 18 years or 16 years after the fulfillment of additional conditions) as well as licenced participants – licence B and C Motocross, Enduro, Trial, any vehicle.
– Masters – minimum 40 years old, licenced, any vehicle.
3. Application
Only online application is available- please visit www.charlotta-extreme.com
Participants limit – 300 participants. The number on the list depends the order of application.
List will be closed 8 days before the contest or when participants limit will be reached. If the limit of the places is exceeded, waiting list will be created. If there is no entry fee until June 15, 2017, participants will lose their reserved (unpaid) starting place for people on the waiting list.
4. Registration fee
– 260 PLN ( PZM license participants )
– 290 PLN ( amators without license, the price contains NNW insurance )
– 70 EUR ( for international participants, the price contains NNW insurance )

Registration fee include transponder renting, starting numbers, T-shirt, 2 regenerating meals after the contest.
5. Starting number
The organizer will provide single use starting numbers for the contest, allocated according to application ( payment ) order. Background is not required.
6. Condition of participation
To participate the condition is to own a motorcycle Enduro/ cross ( the vehicle does not have to be registered, lights are required ) Motorcycles shall not be equipped with extra petrol tanks.
Full motorcycle outfit is required ( helmet with sport homologation ).
Medical, sport check-up required ( for licenced participants ) or singed health declaration ( for amateurs - not associated participants ).
Amateur / participant without a license - a minor - the condition of admission to the competition is to present the written consent of both parents or legal guardians to start in the competition, and the possession of a valid medical certificate from a doctor of sports specialization. Minimum age - 16 years.
All amateur participant as well as international participants should have an insurance policy NNW for the tome of contest.
7. Contest description
The competition for the two-day motorcycle enduro / motocross, dedicated to the licensed players and non-associated participants of competitions open to foreign players.
The competition will be played in two locations:

24.06 - Saturday - Ustka Port area - "Prologue".

Racing will take place on the pedestrian road loop of about 4 km. The route includes sections of forest, beach, and breakwater (only for "PRO" Class, zone without external help) and "super enduro" section.
The width of route is min. 4 meters, max. 10 meters. The competition will start with a training reconnaissance - players in teams of two compete by numerical order on one lap route. Intervals between the groups are 10 sec. The next competition will be qualifying races. Rules are as above. Qualifying race will select the 40 fastest riders from each class. The chosen players will take part in the final races run on a shortened route length of 300 meters including "super enduro" episode that is located in the port. Players who did not qualify for the finals retain the right to take part in the second day of competition. Runs for the finals will be held off the four starting lines, the interval between the lines 5 seconds.

Finals are three separate races in each category:
  - "Masters" - the distance - three laps of the track
  - "Amator" - the distance - three laps of the track
  - "Pro" - the distance - four laps of the track
Then tha last race called Ustka Cup Super Final will take place. 12 fastest riders from each class, which means 36 riders in total from all the classes will race at distance of 4 laps.

Starting procedure - the engine running, the left hand resting on the helmet. Start with signal judge. The player should arrive at the starting area at least 5 minutes before the time of its launch.
Saturday's prologue will have a separate classification, the winners decoration of the prologue will be held on Saturday after the final races in Ustka.

25.06 - Sunday - Strzelinko ( Dolina Charlotty )

The contest will take place on closed to traffic loop, around 12 kilometres long. 90% of the loop is 4 meters wide, minimum width of 10 % of the loop is 2 metres. Route include Super Enduro track ( 450 meters ) including bypass of the hardest obstacles as well as extreme elements for the rest of the track.
Starting point – length – 150 meters – width – 80 meters
Starting procedures “Charlotta” type – on a starting point participants are gathered on a line of motorcycle axle – behind motorcycle holding back mudguard with both, straight hands, for the start signal participants mount the motorcycles, start engines and start the route.

First competition would be a sprint race for one circle of the route.
Each participant will take part in two Enduro sprints. The worst time will be cancelled - will be taken as a familiarizing circle. Time better Enduro Sprint determines the order of start position in the grand final.
For the sprint race 25 participants will take part with 5 minutes gaps between them– starting procedure as above. Participants should appear on the starting point 5 minutes before set starting time.
The division players to specific groups and times of starts is by numerical order. Start numbers are assigned in the order of records. Detailed schedule of times will be available on website of the event and on information boards. Participants which for some reasons would not be able to complete full two enduro sprint circles will keep the rights to perform on final.

Second competition will be the final race Country Cross type with joint start. For the final race, participants will start from six lines – 50 participants each. Time gap between lines will be 30 seconds. Participants take their places on the starting lines in the order of the result achieved in "enduro sprint" - according to the scheme first player of "enduro sprint" as first takes place on the first start line, etc. “Charlotta” type of the starting procedure. Length of the race – 3 hours.
Final place depend on number of circles completed in 3 hours. The results will be shown on a board placed on the starting point and will be presented in the contest office.

8. Timing
Each participant will receive rented transponder for electronic time measurement. Timing line will be placed on the end line “Meta”. ( both in Ustka and in Strzelinko ). IMPORTANT!!! 200 PLN need to be prepared for deposit of transponder, or ID with a photograph. Participants will be responsible for loosing / failure to return transponders.
9. Service zone
During the final race refuelling and fixing motorcycles will take place in “service zone” placed near starting point. In the service zone, stay of one mechanic per participant with identifier is permitted. Refuelling and fixing can take place on environmental mat – for lack of this mat the participant will receive 200 PLN fine. In the service zone engines must be switched off – participants turn engines off on the entrance, and motorcycle need to be pushed , engines can be switched back on at the exit. For breaking this rule participants can be disqualified. In the service zone smoking is prohibited. Participants exiting service zone – and joining the route need to do it safely, give priority to participants on the route. During the final competition, going to participants parking/Depo is not permitted. Participants leaving the route and going to Depo will not have rights to return on the route.
10. Field judge
Field judge will be on a route to take care of safety and correctness of the contest ( with MARSHAL vest).
11. Entering the route and practicing
Only organizers of the contest and media have rights to enter the route during the contest- entering the rout by anyone else is not permitted. Fans zones will be indicated. We recommend to walk the route in the hours before the contest. Training is only allowed in the training zone located near the parking lot of players / Depo. Practicing on the route of the contest is not permitted. Riding bikes in other places than practice zone, depo and the route can lead to disqualification. Participants are financially responsible for any damages arisen from riding elsewhere.
12. Participants briefing
Briefings will take place near the contest office, each day as per schedule, it is obligatory for participants to take part in briefings.
13. Ecology
During the contest motorcycles have to be placed on environmental mats, in depo/ parking as well as in service zones. Refuelling, pouring fuel in different containers can only be completed above the mats. The organizer will provide special containers for dangerous substances ( fuel, oils ) as well as all other dirt- available in the contest office. Not following this rule will result in fine of 200 PLN or disqualification in case of not paying the fine.
14. Procedure in the event of an accident involving injury.
If the rider will be injured during the race Charlotta Enduro Extreme, he/she MUST report such an event as soon as posible to the race offcials, the end of the day of an accident at the latest.

Race officials are:

- Race Doctor
- Rescue Team
- Main Judge
- Race Director
- Race Office Director
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